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Pontoon Boats, Inflatables & Aluminium Canoes

Let our boats make you smile everytime you use them!
Experience the River-Cruizer Range of Pontoon Boats                              For Fun or Profit .... or BOTH!

The best multi-purpose, all aluminium, easily transportable, low maintenance boat.

L'USINE Aluminium Manufacturing offers the following:

River-Cruizer Pontoon Boats 

ComBat Full Inflatables and Semi-Rigids

SilverBat Aluminium Taxi Canoes

Here are photos of a few of the boats we have manufactured.

Please go to our specs page or specific model pages for more information, or contact us with your requirements.

All our boats are designed to be transported in a sealed container or by truck, making the delivery cost-effective and secure. Some on-site assembly may therefore be required.

We can, to some degree, customize our pontoon boats to suit your requirements, and have added moon-pools, cranes, vehicle ramps, upper decks, toilets, braais, and even stereo-systems.

If you have a specific requirement, please contact us and we will take the time to look at your specs and we will ALWAYS reply.


11.00m x 5.00m quad pontoon craft

Work-Boat in Namibia

Triple Pontoon Vehicle Carrier

Testing a work-boat in Cape Town

Booze-Cruize Boat

Cargo Carrier

Landing Craft. Malawi

Passenger Ferry

Double Decker, Kenya

9.00m Booze cruise - Zambia

With fiberglass benches and folding canopy

Party on the water

Landing Craft & Pontoon Ferry - Malawi

Landing Craft testing in Cape Town