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Workboat 8.00m V-Hull

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Pontoon Upper Deck

Pontoon 10.50

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Pontoon 7.50 with Upper Deck

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V-Hulled, Skiffs, Tenders

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V-Hulled, Skiffs, Tenders

Here are some photos of our alu boats.

Our boats are commercial boats. They are not built to be pretty, they are built to be tough. We use marine grade aluminium and try to provide boats that will take rough conditions.

Should you have specific requirements, we will try to modify to suit.

If you are looking for rugged commercial boats, you are in the right place.

Please contact us for specs and prices.

3.50m SilverBat

Nice fishing boat or water taxi.

5.90m SilverBat

Serious commercial boat for serious applications

7.00m Water Taxi

For the transport of goods and people

3.85 Interior

Designed to carry tourists or cargo