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Workboat 8.00m V-Hull

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Pontoon Upper Deck

Pontoon 10.50

Pontoon 9.00

Pontoon 7.50

Pontoon 7.50 with Upper Deck

Pontoon 4.50 Fun-Cruizer


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Landing Craft

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Please note that all our boats, even our 36ft barges can be shipped in a 40ft container.

4.85m Speed Skiff

4.85m Speed Skiff

7.00m Skiff

8.00m Rib

4.5 ton barge with twin 115Hp outboards

Dive/Boarding deck

RiverC-Cruizer 11.00m x 5.00m

River-Cruizer 7.50m with viewing platform

Carrying 9.00m pontoon for assembly

9.00m Triple Pontoon Ferry

Folding Pontoon Platform

Base for Houseboat

Car & Cargo Ferry

Rescue Alu-Hulled RIB

Alu-Hulled semi-rigid (38 kgs)

Sunset Cruises

Car & Cargo ferry

Quad under construction

Triple Pontoon Work-Boat with Gantry/Hoist

Maxi-Tubes for Cargo Carrying


Landing Craft and Pontoon Passenger ferry

9.00m x 6.00m Folding Platform